Baby Sitting

RIS does offer babysitting. There is a nominal charge, please check the RIS website. It is on a first come first basis and does sell out early. http://www.revivingtheislamicspirit.com/

Departure Time

We will be leaving at 11:59PM Sharp on Thursday December 21st 2017. Please note that registration starts at 10pm. No refunds will be provided for an individual that misses the Bus.

Sakeenah bus will be leaving at 18:30PM Sharp on Thursday December 21st 2017. Please note that registration starts at 16:45pm. No refunds will be provided for an individual that misses the Bus.


Fajr prayer on route will be at Scarborough before arrival at the hotel in Toronto. 


Our package does not offer food. The hotel does not include breakfast. However, we will include a list of restaurants in the traveler’s packages to be handed out on the day of the departure. The RIS conference does have a canteen outside of the conference and one inside of the conference. Please expect long lines.

Lost Ticket

In case you have lost your ticket, please contact us before departure and bring a piece of Photo ID with the name of the person who purchased the ticket. Without your ID, you will be denied access.

Price Increase

Prices will be increased by $10 after December 3rd, in sha Allah. This project remains for non-profit.

Ticket Reserve

We do not reserve tickets. It is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Room Listing Selection

You are free to select your roommate, we also offer random room placements. Room lists can be updated at anytime. Please note that after the roommate booking deadline, all remaining rooms will be book at random or subject to our availability. Deadline is December 2nd. HERE is the Roomate Listing form.

Room Charges

Please note any room charges (drinking coffee, the bottled water, snacks) will be charged to the individuals assigned to that room.

Separate Package

Unfortunately with increase amount of work it causes we do not offer split package (just hotel and Bus). We do however provide conference tickets.

Special Cases

If you have a family of 3 or 5 and would like special accommodations, please contact us directly. 1-877-215-5777.


There is limited sponsorship available. Your are encouraged to apply early. It is opened to any and everyone, although priority is given towards non-Muslims as a form of Dawah. You may apply yourself or on behalf of someone that you think is deserving. Should you be interested in sponsoring someone, please contact us. We can provide tax receipts. Click HERE to apply.

Conference tickets without the trip

Please book them directly from the RIS Web Site.

Under 18

While we do encourage youth to join on the trip, an adult responsible will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility essay. Neither the RIS Montreal Team nor MSA Concordia is responsible for anyone’s actions. While we do not wish for it, should any inappropriate situation arise, the individual(s) responsible will be sent back to Montreal with all costs being billed to the guardian.


If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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