Reflections Library


The Reflections library endorses the MSA mission to “disseminate Islamic knowledge and values, while advocating unity amongst individuals across its various services”. It aims to develop educated, enlightened individuals when approaching authoritative knowledge on the teachings of the Glorious Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and to encourage dialogue between students on various presented topics.


Through its educational purposes, the Reflections Library is:

  • Resourceful, by supplying extensive and accessible Islamic knowledge resources through its local and online database available to all users of the library, such as university students, faculty and staff.
  • Welcoming, by encouraging access in a place of study where people can benefit from written, audio and video collections.
  • Open, by fostering an atmosphere that deeply cherishes freedom of expression, dialogue and creates a venue for future ventures and inquiries.
  • Relevant, by regularly updating collections based on technological advancements, the continuously growing works of scholars, and direction of perusal which encompasses students’ needs and interests
  • Helpful, by providing a qualified staff to aid students with limited resources, enabling greater academic focus and generating exchange of information and knowledge.

Policy of Collection Development


The policy of Collection Development provides the necessary guidelines and standards to assist in the development of collections and to inform the public about the library selection criteria for material inclusion. This statement embodies Concordia University’s and the Reflections Library’s mission.

As mentioned in the Reflections Library’s vision, this policy will regularly be revised and updated to encompass technological advancements, the continuously growing work of scholars and the direction of perusal which meets the customers’ needs and interests.


Academic freedom and freedom of expression are two fundamental rights at the heart of the Reflections Library’s constitution. The library provides opportunities for Concordia students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, researchers, visiting scholars and the Quebec community at large to fully participate in a changing society by providing access to authoritative Islamic knowledge and the works of recognized scholars, philosophers, and intellectuals of Islam.

Collection Development Statement

Since the library was established, the focus of collection development has been on both traditional and modern facets of Islam, covering the entire range of text interpretations and outlooks, which may include materials and sources on often misconceived aspects of Islamic belief that are of minority view. The collection development reconciles library materials with community requests, needs and interests, which are evaluated through thorough seasonal studies. Requested books and donations are included in the collections after review analysis of the repair quality, community use and demand, article and author relevancy, which are investigated through recognition of the author’s work. The collection development encourages critical reflection on local, national and international issues by continuously providing the contributions of authoritative Muslims to allow for a holistic approach towards any subject matter. topic.

Library aspects encompass theology (ʿAqīdah), Qurʼānic sciences (‘Ulūm al-Qurʼān), Ḥadīth sciences (‘Ulūm al-ʾaḥādīth), early history of Islām (Tarīkh al-Islām), ethics (ʾAdab), law and jurisprudence (Fiqh), Muslim contribution in Early and Modern sciences (Musāhamatu al-‘Ulamā‘ al-Muslimīn fī al-‘Ulūm), contemporary world issues (Mashākil al-‘Ālam al-Mu’āṣir) and Arabic language (Lughat al-‘Arabiyya). The library acquires materials and sources in the form of books, CDs and DVDs, available in English, Arabic, French, Urdu, and Persian.

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